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Dividing customers
according to their taste

How to display
your goods

Temperament type applied in business

Have you ever asked yourself why you always prefer certain colours or designs when you go clothes shopping?!

Have you ever wondered why you find some particular items more attractive than others?

Have you noticed that when you enter a department store, you will be attracted to certain departments without knowing the reason; or when you go to a bookstore, you spend more time leafing through certain kinds of books?

And have you ever realised that there are times when you go online to search for something but end up looking for other things?

These questions are recognised as crucially important in the business world. All manufacturers are looking for various possible ways to “attract” customers and sell their goods to them; and they pay heavy costs to find answers to the questions above.

If you are a manufacturer or an Internet retailer and have come across temperament typology, you should know that this is a marvelous opportunity for you to grab. Because you can apply temperament typology in your business in order to obtain a fascinating insight into how customers are absorbed, how each individual customer should be approached based on their temperament type, and how promotions should target the general public with regard to the potential customers’ temperamental requirements.

This goal may be easily attained through the mechanism that we have developed in the Online Temperaments Typology. To ensure you of the efficiency of Online Temperaments Typology in practice, you will be allowed to test it in a business context.