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Family members have strong points
in their relationship

And family members have weaknesses
in their relationship

Temperament type and family relationships

As far as interpersonal relationships are concerned, the parent-child relations, or those between partners, spouses, and siblings have crucial importance.

Although from the viewpoint of psychologists, humans are very complicated beings, this complication can be eased with recognition of each individual’s temperament, as a result of which, strong relationships may be cultivated within the family.

You may regularly hear these statements echoed here and there:
My wife does not understand me!
My kid does not care about my words!
My sister and me are in disputes all the time!

However, if these people were equipped with the knowledge about their own temperament types and their relevant characteristics and personality traits, as well as the temperament types of their close family members, they could easily keep off the personal redlines that exist within circle of their families, and attune themselves accordingly to avert friction and complication in their family relationships.

Now, you may wryly murmur: Great! But in order to raise one’s awareness to this level, one will need to know his or her own temperament type first, and then get to know what the temperament types of other individuals are, too. And this sounds formidable!

Well, you are actually right. Not to worry though, our online App has made this demanding and time-consuming task as easy as possible for your convenience!