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The relationship
between health and Temperament

What foods are right
for you?

Temperament typology applied in medicine

Temperament typology works miracles in medicine. Once your inborn temperament type is known, it is possible to prognosticate what particular diseases you will be especially prone to. When you know of the likelihood of such afflictions in the future, you no doubt take care of yourself more seriously and prevent them. In addition to disease prevention, temperament typology approach offers many incredibly effective ways to completely cure a large number of diseases and health issues.

Obesity, for instance, as one of the critical health issues that has widely affected world population at this day and age, is categorised in Iranian traditional medicine on the basis of each individual's temperament type, and then is dealt with accordingly. The results are spectacular!  

You also may use Online Temperaments Typology to find a list of diseases that you are prone to, due to your temperament type, and then take preventative action before such diseases strike!