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Temperament type applied in management of organizations

When the managers of a company decide to recruit new staff, it is vitally crucial for them to be as accurate as they can in their selections. To them, it is very important to know who is a suitable candidate for each vacancy in the company. This is actually the sixty-four-thousand dollar question for any one who is seeking a suitable workforce. Despite such concerns on the part of managers, however, statistics suggest that appropriate recruiting is only achieved in 30% of the cases.

Interestingly enough, temperament typology can be applied to find out what kind of job is appropriate for each staff member, recruited or to be recruited, in a company. As it will spare managers the time and resources needed to discover particular capabilities of their staff, this approach will increase productivity in a company - if adopted correctly.

In actual fact, temperament typology in a business context can come very handy; because it may be used to reveal who are the “right guys” for answering the phone, doing the marketing; or even for occupying the post of an accountant due to their trustworthiness and meticulousness.

Therefore; temperament typology can be deemed as a short cut to organizational progress and improvements.