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Grouping based on
learning power

Grouping based on
better group working

Temperament type applied in grouping of school-children

As children cannot usually answer questionnaires desirably or give proper psychological explanations about themselves, it would be extremely hard to figure out what their personality traits or inherent talents are. That is to say, within a group of children, we find it increasingly difficult to know which ones might be jealous, fun, care-free, good at maths or drawing, quick to grasp, etc. Obviously, if there were a way to know these facts accurately, very effective educational steps could be taken.

It is believed that through temperament type identification, such invaluable information becomes readily accessible to educators and trainers enabling them to divide school-children into similar groups in terms of their characteristics and personality traits. This approach will yield better educational results because it reshuffles the former sweeping groupings of students in schools in a way that makes it possible to design tailor-made training that meets the requirement to develop particular talents more efficiently.