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What is online temperaments typology ?

For the first time in the world, merely by access to information about your height, wrist size, and a face photo, we are able to identify your inborn temperament type, termed "mizaj" in Iranian traditional medicine, and accordingly uncover an incredible wealth of information about your characteristics and personality traits that will amaze you. This tremendous achievement is the result of integrating the modern technologies and equipment with the knowledge we have gained from teachings of great physicians of the Persia, such as Avicenna and al-Khwarizmi, found in various resources of the Iranian traditional medicine.

After many years of research in nourishment and Iranian traditional medicine, now we at Ta’am Asrar Research Institute celebrate this achievement.

What do we exactly mean by “temperament” ?

In plain language, in Temperament Theory (Mizaj Theory), temperament type actually refers to any of the several integrative packages of inborn physical and spiritual characteristics and personality traits that are particular to each individual human being. This package, which is assumed to be God-given at birth time, includes certain strengths and weaknesses that each individual will lead his or her life with. Now, if any individual recognizes what temperament type he or she fits in, they can easily realign their social interactions with others and, in the light of such a wholesale qualitative change, live their lives with more awareness and clarity.

Temperament type and family relationships

as far as interpersonal relationships are concerned, the parent-child relations, or those between partners, spouses, and siblings have crucial importance.

Although from the viewpoint of psychologists, humans are very complicated beings, this complication can be eased with recognition of each individual’s temperament, as a result of which, strong relationships may be cultivated within the family.

You may regularly hear these statements echoed here and there:

My wife does not understand me!

My kid does not care about my words!

My sister and me are in disputes all the time!

However, if these people were equipped with the knowledge about their own temperament types and their relevant characteristics and personality traits, as well as the temperament types of their close family members, they could easily keep off the personal redlines that exist within circle of their families, and attune themselves accordingly to avert friction and complication in their family relationships.

Now, you may wryly murmur: Great! But in order to raise one’s awareness to this level, one will need to know his or her own temperament type first, and then get to know what the temperament types of other individuals are, too. And this sounds formidable!

Well, you are actually right. Not to worry though, our online App has made this demanding and time-consuming task as easy as possible for your convenience!

Temperament type applied in grouping of school-children

As children cannot usually answer questionnaires desirably or give proper psychological explanations about themselves, it would be extremely hard to figure out what their personality traits or inherent talents are. That is to say, within a group of children, we find it increasingly difficult to know which ones might be jealous, fun, care-free, good at maths or drawing, quick to grasp, etc. Obviously, if there were a way to know these facts accurately, very effective educational steps could be taken.

It is believed that through temperament type identification, such invaluable information becomes readily accessible to educators and trainers enabling them to divide school-children into similar groups in terms of their characteristics and personality traits. This approach will yield better educational results because it reshuffles the former sweeping groupings of students in schools in a way that makes it possible to design tailor-made training that meets the requirement to develop particular talents more efficiently.

Temperament type applied in unearthing talents at an early age

If you look around, you will find many parents trying to guarantee a “future” for their children through having their children enrolled on as many extra-curriculum courses as possible! However, such parents, who squander their money on training of their children in tennis, swimming, piano, languages, etc., have indeed no clear understanding about where the "future" for their children lies. The sad truth is that for the vast majority of these children, the end of navigating through the zig-zag course of versatile trainings, will be nothing less than experiencing a history of humiliating failures.

But if you, as parents, are driven by the profound desire to bring up your children trained and educated as effectively and as reasonably as possible for a successful future, what should you do then?!

Certainly, if you identify your child's temperament type at an early age by the Online Temperament Identification, you can find out which athletic or artistic talents are waiting in your child to be spotted and developed. Online Temperament Identification may be applied for this purpose to children as young as three years old.

Temperament type applied in management of organizations

When the managers of a company decide to recruit new staff, it is vitally crucial for them to be as accurate as they can in their selections. To them, it is very important to know who is a suitable candidate for each vacancy in the company. This is actually the sixty-four-thousand dollar question for any one who is seeking a suitable workforce. Despite such concerns on the part of managers, however, statistics suggest that appropriate recruiting is only achieved in 30% of the cases.

Interestingly enough, temperament typology can be applied to find out what kind of job is appropriate for each staff member, recruited or to be recruited, in a company. As it will spare managers the time and resources needed to discover particular capabilities of their staff, this approach will increase productivity in a company - if adopted correctly.

In actual fact, temperament typology in a business context can come very handy; because it may be used to reveal who are the “right guys” for answering the phone, doing the marketing; or even for occupying the post of an accountant due to their trustworthiness and meticulousness.

Therefore; temperament typology can be deemed as a short cut to organizational progress and improvements.

Temperament type applied in business

Have you ever asked yourself why you always prefer certain colours or designs when you go clothes shopping?!

Have you ever wondered why you find some particular items more attractive than others?

Have you noticed that when you enter a department store, you will be attracted to certain departments without knowing the reason; or when you go to a bookstore, you spend more time leafing through certain kinds of books?

And have you ever realised that there are times when you go online to search for something but end up looking for other things?

These questions are recognised as crucially important in the business world. All manufacturers are looking for various possible ways to “attract” customers and sell their goods to them; and they pay heavy costs to find answers to the questions above.

If you are a manufacturer or an Internet retailer and have come across temperament typology, you should know that this is a marvelous opportunity for you to grab. Because you can apply temperament typology in your business in order to obtain a fascinating insight into how customers are absorbed, how each individual customer should be approached based on their temperament type, and how promotions should target the general public with regard to the potential customers’ temperamental requirements.

This goal may be easily attained through the mechanism that we have developed in the Online Temperaments Typology. To ensure you of the efficiency of Online Temperaments Typology in practice, you will be allowed to test it in a business context.

Temperament typology applied in medicine

temperament typology works miracles in medicine. Once your inborn temperament type is known, it is possible to prognosticate what particular diseases you will be especially prone to. When you know of the likelihood of such afflictions in the future, you no doubt take care of yourself more seriously and prevent them. In addition to disease prevention, temperament typology approach offers many incredibly effective ways to completely cure a large number of diseases and health issues.

Obesity, for instance, as one of the critical health issues that has widely affected world population at this day and age, is categorised in Iranian traditional medicine on the basis of each individual's temperament type, and then is dealt with accordingly. The results are spectacular!

You also may use Online Temperaments Typology to find a list of diseases that you are prone to, due to your temperament type, and then take preventative action before such diseases strike!

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